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The Contemporary Middle East

A Westview Reader

By Karl Yambert

About the Book

The Contemporary Middle East provides an accessible introduction to the region's most pressing concerns and enduring conflicts. It includes provocative contributions by an impressive array of leading scholars, journalists, and policy advisors. Contributors include notable academic authors Arthur Goldschmidt Jr., the late William L. Cleveland, Shibley Telhami, David W. Lesch, Bernard Reich, and Phebe Marr, complemented by selections from recent general-interest books by Marwan Bishara, Mark Perry, and Eugene Rogan, among others. With twelve new chapters, the third edition is a probing examination of the current affairs of the Middle East. Its multiple readings on strategic pairings of topics (Israel and the Palestinians, Iraq and Iran, Egypt and Syria) illuminate the region's key issues from a variety of perspectives. Part- and chapter-opening summaries help establish background and context, and a new concluding chapter by Shibley Telhami, written specifically for this volume, candidly addresses fundamental questions about the United States and the Middle East today. Student resources include an annotated table of contents, a select bibliography, a glossary, brief biographies of notable persons, a chronology, and a summary of recent events, in addition to numerous maps.

About the Author

Karl Yambert received his PhD from the University of California, Davis, and is a former editor of Middle East Studies at Westview Press.


“A very informative, readable, and thought-provoking edited volume that is valuable for students and the general public alike. Covering the major historical developments, the text presents an excellent description and explanation of the regional challenges ranging from economic growth to security and from political stability to energy consideration. This text is also empowered by useful supplements which add to its instructional significance.”
Houman A. Sadri, University of Central Florida

“This volume brings together a range of views by influential scholars on the most enduring and important issues in Middle East affairs. The book is an excellent choice for college classes from the introductory through advanced levels.”
Weldon C. Matthews, Oakland University

“Engages students with timely essays and sharpens critical thinking by presenting a variety of informed perspectives on key issues. Excellent for courses covering the recent history of the Middle East.”
Brock Ruggles, Arizona State University