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Philosophy Of Law

An Introduction To Jurisprudence

By Jeffrie G. Murphy, By Jules Coleman

About the Book

In this revised edition, two distinguished philosophers have extended and strengthened the most authoritative text available on the philosophy of law and jurisprudence. While retaining their comprehensive coverage of classical and modern theory, Murphy and Coleman have added new discussions of the Critical Legal Studies movement and feminist jurisprudence, and they have strengthened their treatment of natural law theory, criminalization, and the law of torts. The chapter on law and economics remains the best short introduction to that difficult, controversial, and influential topic.Students will appreciate the careful organization and clear presentation of complicated issues as well as the emphasis on the relevance of both law and legal theory to contemporary society.

About the Author

Jeffrie G. Murphy is professor of law and philosophy at Arizona State University. Jules L. Coleman is professor of law and philosophy, lecturer in political science, and fellow in law, economics, and public policy at Yale Law School.