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Farewell Fossil Fuels

By S. Borowitz

About the Book

Sidney Borowitz presents a concise, coherent narrative of the major sources of energy currently in use throughout the world, and explains in a cogent, jargon-free manner how these other sources of energy - nuclear, solar photovoltaics, biomass, wind, geothermal, fusion, hydrogen, and other more exotic sources - can be developed. Borowitz places these nonfossil fuel sources in an economic and scientific context so that the case for conservation and growth is thoroughly grounded in reality. Because energy touches on practically every aspect of our daily lives, this book presents a clear-eyed, even-handed explication of optimal solutions to our future energy needs.

About the Author

Sidney Borowitz has had a long and distinguished career as a scientist, teacher, adminstrator, and businessman. A professor of physics, emeritus, at New York University, he has served as Chancellor of that institution. In addition, he has also been Executive Director of the New York Academy of Sciences and the CEO of a biotechnology company.