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Close The Deal

Smart Moves For Selling: 120 Checklists To Help You Close The Very Best Deal

By Sam Deep, By Lyle Sussman

About the Book

Deep and Sussman's Smart Moves and Smart Moves for People in Charge gave readers checklists for climbing the corporate ladder and taking on leadership tasks. Now, teamed with one of the country's premiere sales-training firms, they apply the same popular, practical approach to a vital task for any organization: selling. Whether you're introducing a product, marketing your small business's services, or selling your boss on a new idea, you'll benefit from checklists like these: Seven Fears All Buyers Share Thirteen Ways to Warm Up to Cold Calling Ten Different Ways to Set Your Asking Price Eight Questions to Help You Sell with Integrity For training, troubleshooting, and a quick review before every important call, sales professionals will be sold on Smart Moves for Selling.

About the Author

Sam Deep is a consultant and trainer from Pittsburgh.

Lyle Sussman, Ph.D., is Professor of Management at the University of Louisville.