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Campaigns and Elections American Style

By James A Thurber, By Candice J. Nelson

About the Book

With new and revised essays throughout, Campaigns and Elections American Style provides a real education in practical campaign politics. In the fourth edition, academics and campaign professionals explain how campaign themes and strategies are developed and communicated, the changes in campaign tactics as a result of changing technology, new techniques to target and mobilize voters, the evolving landscape of campaign finance and election laws, and the increasing diversity of the role of media in elections. Offering a unique and careful mix of Democrat and Republican, academic and practitioner, and male and female campaign perspectives, this volume scrutinizes national and local-level campaigns with special focus on the 2012 presidential and congressional elections.

Students, citizens, candidates, and campaign managers will learn not only how to win elections but also why it is imperative to do so in an ethical way. Perfect for a variety of courses in American government, this book is essential reading for political junkies of any stripe and serious students of campaigns and elections.

About the Author

James A. Thurber is a Distinguished University Professor of Government and the Founder and Director of the Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies at American University in Washington, DC. Dr. Thurber is the author, coauthor, and editor of Obama In Office, Rivals for Power: Presidential-Congressional Relations, Campaign Warriors: Political Consultants in Elections, Crowded Airways: Campaign Advertising in Elections, The Battle for Congress: Consultants, Candidates, and Voters, Congress and the Internet.

Candice J. Nelson is a Professor in the Department of Government, and the academic director of the Campaign Management Institute at American University. She is the author of Grant Park: The Democratization of Presidential Elections: 1968-2008, coauthor of The Myth of the Independent Voter, Vital Signs: Perspective on the Health of American Campaigning, and The Money Chase: Congressional Campaign Finance Reform, and co-editor of Campaign Warriors: Political Consultants in Elections, Crowded Airways: Campaign Advertising in Elections, and Shades of Gray: Perspectives on Campaign Ethics.


Praise for the Previous Editions:

"Campaigns are big business, and this book tells candidates, students, and citizens how they are run in the twenty-first century. Two of the premier experts in American politics, James Thurber and Candice Nelson, have brought together a top-notch group of specialists in strategy, polling, advertising, new media, fieldwork, and fund-raising. This up-to-date volume is perfect for college courses in parties and elections."
Larry J. Sabato, University of Virginia, author of The Year of Obama

"Thurber and Nelson and their team of experienced consultants and respected academic collaborators help us understand the strategy and outcome of the 2008 elections. [This book] is state of the art in its coverage of topics such as blogs, social networks, polling, Internet fund-raising, messaging, and mobilization, among others, [and it] demonstrates that consultants and academics can complement each other in informing a broader audience."
David B. Magleby, Brigham Young University

"Informative, comprehensive, and, most importantly, accessible, the third edition…provides an up-to-date, realistic view on the evolution of American electoral politics. Students will like this book and benefit from it."
Stephen J. Wayne, Georgetown University