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Black Rage

Second Updated Edition

By William H. Grier, By Price M. Cobbs

About the Book

The first book to examine the full range of black life from the vantage point of psychiatry, this widely acclaimed work has established itself as the classic statement of the desperation, conflicts, and anger of black life in America today. Black Rage tells of the insidious effects of the heritage of slavery; describes love, marriage, and the family; addresses the sexual myths and fears of blacks and whites; chronicles how the schools fail the black child; examines mental illness among black people and the psychic stresses engendered by discrimination; and, finally, focuses on the miasma of racial hatred that envelops this country, why it exists, and what will surely happen if it is not soon dispelled.

About the Author

William H. Grier is former chairman, Department of Psychiatry, Meharry Medical College, and former professor of Psychiatry, Wayne State University. He lives in San Diego.

Price M. Cobbs is assistant clinical professor of Psychiatry, University of California, San Francisco; fellow, American Psychiatric Association; member, Institute of Medicine, National Academy of Sciences; and president, Pacific Management Systems.