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Administrative Law for Public Managers

By David H Rosenbloom

About the Book

Administrative Law for Public Managers a comprehensive guide to the essentials that public managers need to know about administrative law—why we have administrative law, the constitutional constraints on public administration, and administrative law's frameworks for rulemaking, adjudication, enforcement, transparency, and judicial and legislative review. Rosenbloom views administrative law from the perspectives of administrative practice, emphasizing how various administrative law provisions promote their underlying goal of improving the fit between public administration and U.S. democratic-constitutionalism. The second edition has been thoroughly revised to include more on state administrative law, as well as an expanded discussion of procedural due process. It has also been updated to include the major statutes, court cases, executive orders and other major executive initiatives since 2003. The addition of discussion questions makes this an even more valuable resource for public administration classrooms and students.

Organized around federal administrative law, Administrative Law for Public Managers explains the fundamentals of administrative law clearly and accurately, in non-technical terms, and with sufficient depth to provide readers with a sophisticated, lasting understanding of the subject matter.

About the Author

David H. Rosenbloom is Distinguished Professor of Public Administration at American University. A major contributor to the field and a Fellow in the National Academy of Public Administration, he has received numerous awards, including the Gaus Award for exemplary scholarship in political science and public administration, Waldo Award for outstanding contributions to the literature and leadership of public administration, Levine Award for excellence in public administration, and Brownlow Award for his book, Building a Legislative-Centered Public Administration. He edited Public Administration Review, co-edited the Policy Studies Journal, and is now on the editorial boards of about 20 academic journals.


Praise for the second edition:

“Rosenbloom crafted a compelling narrative, which creates student interest in administrative law. Students like Administrative Law for Public Managers because it is straightforward and easy to understand. I teach a wide range of students—mid-level managers to students with no work experience—both are relieved that the content and examples are easily digestible. It's an excellent book!”
Lorenda Ann Naylor, University of Baltimore

"Administrative Law for Public Managers is extremely helpful for students in framing the difficult subject matter that is administrative law. Rosenbloom does a great job in the organization of the chapters, and in the reference materials used. This is one of the only textbooks in the administrative law field where a student can read through it and understand difficult concepts without many questions, and it is the only textbook I have found that covers rulemaking outside of a law school textbook. As a professor who is also a scholar of administrative law, Rosenbloom covers some of the most important topics for Administrative Law classrooms.”
Bradley Bjelke, California Lutheran University

Praise for the prior edition:

"This book presents a profound, as well as comprehensive knowledge base of administrative law."
Public Administration Review